List of Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Teach your Dog to Find Items

Have you ever misplace stuff in your house? How about teaching your dog how to find it? This trick will make your dog a very useful helper in times of need!

It is also a very fun activity to play with your dog. Start off with an object that your dog is familiar with, like his favourite toy.

It is advisable for you to teach your dog the Learn Names trick before trying this out. By knowing the names of different objects, your dog will have a much wider choice of stuff to find.

Position the object at an obvious place. Say“find it” and when your dog touches it, reward with a treat. Place the object further away and repeat the same process. Keep moving the object to more obscure places, making it more difficult to find and your dog will love this game.

The Catch Trick

This trick requires your dog to catch an item in mid air. It is one of the easiest dog tricks to teach your dog.

Cut small pieces of his favourite treat and start him from a sitting position. Throw a treat in the air and say the command “Catch” at the same time.

If the treat drops to the ground, take away the treat and do not allow him to eat it. Soon he will get the message that he needs to catch the treat in order to eat it.

When your dog catches the treat, celebrate the achievement and give a big hug. Start experimenting with other items once your dog understands the catch command.

I am Ashamed Trick

Sometimes, tricks do not go as planned. You may be ready for a big performance in front of your family members but your dog is not in the mood.

The ashamed trick is a good way to add humor in such embarrasing situation.

Start off with the down position. Place a small post it note on your dog’s nose. Your dog will try to remove the post it note by putting his paw over his nose. Give the treat once his paw lands on his nose.

Add in the command “Ashamed” as you train. You dog will soon associate your command with the action. Remove the post it note when its not required.

The Bow Trick

Want a better way to end a spectacular performance? Teach your dog the Bow Trick. This trick adds a feel of professionalism to your dog’s performance.

Some dogs like to do the bow action when they just wake up. They bow because they want to stretch their muscles and bones. When you spot him doing that, use verbal praise and command “Bow”(or click your clicker) and give him a treat.

Keep doing this until he will bow at your command.

This is an easy trick to teach!

The Limping Trick

This trick will add a huge dose of humor to your dog. Your dog can be so good at it that you might mistake the trick for a serious injury suffered by him!

As the steps can get complicated, we have attached a video below to explain the steps in detail.

The BANG Trick

This trick will end up with your dog pretending to be shot and laying still on the floor. This is a very entertaining trick for your friends and family members as it truly brings out the fun element of dog ownership.

However, this trick is one of the hardest to master.

First, start off with the down position and say the “Stay” command.

You dog will stay and you move your dog’s body slightly to the side. Say “Stay” again if your dog attempts to stand up.

Wait for about two seconds in that position and Say “Bang” at the same time. Reward with the treat and repeat again.

Keep doing this till your dog will lay down “dead” upon the “Bang” command

This comprehensive list of dog tricks should keep your dog occupied for a while. Remember, training your dog to do tricks will help them mentally and physically. Check on the limitations of your dog before embarking on any serious dog tricks training. Safety of your dog always comes first.






7 thoughts on “List of Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

  • November 29, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Love your site. I can’t believe it! I actually taught my dog to do the army crawl. lol. Never thought I could do that!

    • November 30, 2015 at 7:12 am

      Hi Candace, glad you found that out! Thanks for the comment

  • December 12, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    I have taught my dog a total of 12 tricks!! I am 17, and she has never went to a dog trainer! She knows sit,stay, lay down,rollover, army crawl,sit pretty, she can shake( right and left ), touch, high 5, spin, and agility


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