Pitbull Training Essentials – What You Need To Know

Pitbull Training – Handle With Care

Pitbull is one of a unique dog breeds. The dog is known to be an aggressive dog breed that can be lethal, but only if it is not well-trained. That brings the relevance of training your pitbull, for it to behave well around people and other dog breeds. Like the Doberman, Pitbulls are known to be excellent guard dogs if given proper training and guidance.

Preparing for the training

When you want to train your pitbull, you will need to put some factors into consideration. Pitbull training helps your dog to be well-behaved and be less aggressive. Your dog will also be more social when you give him the proper training.

Video Shows How a Pitbull Never Gives Up

Before you start training, you should try and minimize the training to about ten or fifteen minutes per session. The treats that you give him should be small to keep the dog’s attention on the training. Another tip is to train him when he is hungry since he will want to do a great job to get his meal.

Finding the Right Trainer

If you need a trainer for your dog, you will want to choose one that is well experienced, and also, the trainer should be familiar with the pitbull. Another thing is that you should find a class that has the right number of dogs, depending on the preference of your dog. There is no enough evidence if a pitbull can act as a guide for a blind person. Though there is a case of a pitbull that was a guide of another blind pitbull.

The pitbull is known to be a silent breed that will be aggressive when it is faced with a certain danger. Even with a good training, the pitbull will be aggressive to the same sex.

They tend to perform some tricks that can be considered funny. The pitbull can also be a playful dog that will hunt down smaller animals like cats or birds. They will also mature slowly with others showing their natural characteristics at around four years. The pit bulls can also be slow in learning the tricks, but that will also depend on the age of the dog and the experience of the trainer.

What is the Relevance of Pitbull training?

With a well-trained pitbull, you can be sure of enjoying his company, and he will be more social and obedient. The proper training can help to keep the dog out of confrontation, and the dog can be safe to have around kids. Here’s what a well trained Pitbull can do:

Some tricks/training for your pitbull

• Fetching drinks from the fridge. This is a trick that will need the training to open and close the door. You will need to start by tying a rope on the door of the fridge. Repeat this severally until the dog learns. Place the dog’s favorite toy and as him to pick it. You can then change the toy with a different object that you need the dog to get you.

• The Bang. This is a trick that makes your dog act dead upon a bang. Start with the Stay command to keep the dog down. Move him to one side and as the dog tries to get up, you say Stay. When in that position, wait for two seconds, then say Bang for the dog to play dead.

Pitbull training is all about patience and encouragement. Since it is among the most-aggressive dog breeds, you will want to take it slow and gentle enough when handling the pitbull training.